Marketing Exercises

These marketing exercises are freely available via the internet and take relatively little time to complete.  Each simulation provides a high-ROI (return-on-investment) experience for those wishing to fine-tune their marketing skills.

Each of these marketing exercises has been reviewed and tested prior to inclusion in this web page.  These small-scale marketing exercises are interesting and fun.  The table below gives an overview of each exercise.  Click on the corresponding link to access the exercise.



See if you can guess the product or brand that goes with each slogan.
This game gives you 2 weeks to plan the future of your brand.
This site has 14 online, interactive questions about brand building.
Competitive strategy simulation where you complete explicitly with a computer generated competitor.
A simple simulation that shows the interaction between pricing and advertising.  Try to beat the high score!
It's difficult to find a good website name (URL).  So many of the good ones are already taken.  See if you can match the online business with its description.

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